Our Story

From high school sweethearts to successful careers, we continue to grow as individuals, and as a family.


We’ve been together since high school, when Adam asked Lauren out by passing a note before 6th hour. We were engaged within weeks of graduating from Michigan State—with degrees in Telecommunication (Adam) and Social Relations & Policy (Lauren)—and we married in January 2009. We’ve stayed in Michigan, spending a lot of time with our dogs, watching movies, reading, and playing board games…especially with friends and family. The consistent patterns through all these years are that (1) we love to debate big ideas, (2) Adam loves to cook, and Lauren loves to eat Adam’s cooking, and (3) we’re really good at cuddles.

About Adam

I play piano and video games. I love great sci-fi. And my pizza is world renowned!


Adam is a geek who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He loves math, and how it fits into everyday life; our children might not enjoy math in school, but they’ll have a patient tutor during homework.

He takes on massive projects, from programming to building a sub-irrigation garden. One recent project was starting his own company, continuing his career as a software developer.

About Lauren

I am in the romance of the century. And my life is wonderful: full of puppies, tea, and books.


Lauren’s favorite things are words and people. She has been dream- ing about taking our child on their first library trip. Adam (often) hints that Lauren might spoil them, but her dedication to helping our children unfold on their own (and Adam’s teasing) will help.

She oversees operations and user experience at a website design and mobile development company. She speaks across the country about UX, and wrote a chapter in Professional Mobile Application Development (Wrox Press, 2012).

About the Puppies

Maggie joined our family in 2009, and Beatrice became the little sister in 2012. They love to run in circles together, and roll around on the lawn.

Maggie is part Rhodesian Ridgeback, and an elegant old lady. She’s a Daddy’s girl who calmly sits when children pull at her ears. Beatrice is a Staffy, and she lives to give hugs and kisses. She’s Mommy’s princess, and the Zooey Deschanel to Maggie’s Meryl Streep.

Sidenote: while our matching onesies started out as a joke, they turned out to be really comfortable. (Beatrice and Lauren especially love them.)