Our Hopes

BABIES_289813_2192410770635_1365434404_oWe will work to raise happy, healthy, curious, and self-sufficient children. Our focus as parents will be providing the best childhood to suit their individual personality and needs.

Active & Open Discussions

Our child will know that they are loved unconditionally, and how thankful we are for their first mother. We’d love to talk about what level of contact would make you feel comfortable, and we’ll talk openly and honestly about adoption so they know they’re loved twice over.

Self-Sufficient Adulthood

Our top goal as parents will be to raise our children into adults who can function independently. At 18, we want them to be capable of preparing a healthy meal (and cleaning up after), doing a load of laundry, and budgeting for living expenses. Just as importantly, being self sufficient will mean defining happiness and meaning for them- selves…and choosing how to pursue what they love.

Healthy, Happy Childhood

We look forward to nurturing their interests, and encouraging them to grow. Whether that’s joining sports teams, taking music lessons, or just unstructured play, we’re excited to share the experiences with them.

It may not be nearly as much fun, but they will have great health care. Our family physician has adopted three children, and Adam is a great cook who makes healthy, home-made meals.

Curiosity & Exploration

We were both curious as children and the need to understand the world has continued into adulthood… we’ll encourage this curiosity and exploration in our children. Common interests are fun, but new perspectives are even better. Adam focuses on math and logic and Lauren loves words and people; we’re going to expose our children to a wide range of thinking.

The Joy of Pursuit

If they love a subject, we want to teach by example how to work hard and have fun. When Adam throws himself into a personal programming project, or Lauren is preparing for a speaking engagement, we are doing what we love. We can’t wait to find out what fascinates them—earthworms? tap dancing?—and help them pursue it.