Our Community

We were both raised to be active in our community, and we look forward to sharing that outlook with our children.

_189318_101_12Our Neighborhood

Our street is tucked away in a small town, including families with children as well as retirees. Our home includes a yard with trees and Adam’s vegetable garden.

The Netflix computer is hidden in the basement, because the main family room is dedicated to books, feeding guests, and playing boardgames (Dominion and Coup are current favorites). The garage is an active workshop, and there is no escaping books throughout the entire house.

The local school district is ranked 90th percentile in Michigan, and we are in driving distance to three other schools of choice districts with an even-higher quality. We’re about one mile outside the heart of a small town, which includes a library, community park, and one of the tastiest pizza shops we’ve found yet.

FAMILY_IMG00017-20091128-2049Adam’s Extended Family

Lauren thought she was good at spoiling puppies until she saw Adam’s dad with Maggie and Bea. His mom maintains discipline (as a retired preschool teacher), but Mr. and Mrs. Colton will be very, very good at spoiling grandkids.

His brother, Uncle-to-be Alex, has already given up weekends to help baby proof the house, and plans to help introduce our children to Star Wars. Adam’s uncles, aunts, cousins, and extended family are loving, frank, clever, and fantastic cooks.

FAMILY_526159_3171970979028_1128680810_nSpecial Moments PhotographyLauren’s Extended Family

Lauren’s dad owns a restaurant, and her mom is a homemaker who teaches tatting (it was a big deal about a century ago). They taught her the value of working hard, and the importance having family dinner together every night.

Her older sister lives out of state but visits frequently, and her younger sister does early-education research in Michigan. Lauren’s family is very large, and prone to both impromptu singing—like a loud chorus of Sto Lat—and political debates.

Give Camp

Adam and Lauren have both volunteered at and organized multiple Give Camps. Teams of tech volunteers (web designers, mobile app developers, content specialists) meet a local nonprofit on a Friday evening. They build free websites, databases, and apps, which are donated to the nonprofit that Sunday afternoon. Parents have been known to bring children as young as middle school to learn how to code while helping the community.

Junior League

Lauren is an active member of the Junior League. It provides a support network of women, including both working and stay-at-home mothers, who coordinate volunteer events as well as fund grants and scholarships in the community.

Global Nonprofit Support

We love to support our local food bank, but we are part of a global community. Our favorite organizations are focused on basic needs, Internet regulation, and literacy.