Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you so much for considering us. As excited as we are for our family to grow, the enormity of your decision is not lost on us. We can tell them that you are brave and that you love them. And we owe it to you and to them to make sure that they can see the best in you, and grow into an adult who embodies the best in all of their parents.

We’re new to this, but we are a supportive and loving family who is excited to meet our first child. We will help them understand what it means to be so loved by both biological parents (which may be you) and the parents who read them bedtime stories. The more people loving a child the better, and we’d love to send regular updates and have Skype calls, as well as occasional visits. But we’re open to work out the relationship you’re most comfortable with. We may not be the family you choose, or you might not choose to place your child, but thank you so much for considering placing your child with our family.

Adam & Lauren